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Hi, I'm Eryn.

I use spiritual tools and practice like the tarot, Reiki & breathwork to help you come back home to you.


How to Work With Me



My tarot readings are all designed to help you come home to who you really are, so you can stop living small and start living your purpose.

You’ll discover what’s blocking you from creating the life you desire, where you’re being called to evolve at this moment, and how to move forward.


Breathwork is a powerful healing modality for releasing blocks, stuck emotions, and trauma. 

You will likely feel a lot of energy moving (even if you don't usually feel that with other modalities) and experience a deep release.


I have created embodied tarot yoga classes that combine the power of breath, journaling, meditation, chanting, reiki, and intuitive movement to help you deepen your connection with specific archetypes in the tarot. 


Tarot as a tool for deep self-awareness

The mirror you need to reflect your true self back to you. To distinguish between the voices of fear, your ego, and your intuition. To connect you back to the truth of who you really are.

Jessica Middlemas nutritionist

What other people are saying

“I loved Eryn’s insights and energy, and it was incredibly impressive how well she knew the cards and how easily information just flowed through her. She had such great knowledge to share & was incredibly motivating and grounding. I felt more at peace after Eryn’s reading than I did before. I loved her energy.” -Jessica Middlemiss, holistic nutritionist


Embodied Tarot

Yoga as spellwork. Bring the esoteric, the mystical into your body, your breath, your magic with embodied tarot yoga classes, online and in person.