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healing artist. meeting you in depth & vulnerability as we carve the path back to your heart


How to Work With Me



My tarot readings are all designed to help you come home to who you really are, so you can stop living small and start living your purpose.

You’ll discover what’s blocking you from creating the life you desire, where you’re being called to evolve at this moment, and how to move forward.


Reiki is gentle, powerful energy healing. Everyone’s experience with Reiki is different, but during your session you may experience color, visuals, vibration, pulsing, or tingling.

Typically, you will walk away feeling lighter, more balanced, and more open.


Breathwork brings you out of your mind and into the wisdom of your body.

It can help you release trauma and fear. Unblock your creativity. Open your heart. Release shame. Clear stuck emotions from your body so you can connect more deeply with the truth of who you are.

Ultimately, breathwork helps you come home to your soul and your soul’s truth.


Working with Eryn for the past three months has been transformative, enlightening, and empowering. She carries a beautiful energy with her into every setting that is so contagious...She hears your needs and sees all of the ways to facilitate your healing in whatever area it may be. The powerful results I felt after breathwork, Reiki, and card reading sessions with her show how much care and energy she puts into the time you share with her. I always walked away from our meetings with a new breakthrough of some kind. She held space for me that I so desperately needed in order to heal on a deeper level.
— lily

Intuitive Energy Work

Breathwork and Reiki sessions to bring you back to your soul’s essence and the truth of who you are.

Jessica Middlemas nutritionist

What other people are saying

“I loved Eryn’s insights and energy, and it was incredibly impressive how well she knew the cards and how easily information just flowed through her. She had such great knowledge to share & was incredibly motivating and grounding. I felt more at peace after Eryn’s reading than I did before. I loved her energy.” -Jessica Middlemiss, holistic nutritionist


Intuitive Tarot

Tarot as a tool for deeper self-awareness. My tarot readings are all intended to help you come home to your own wisdom. To connect with the answers you already have inside of you— the answers you may have pushed away, forgotten about, or buried.