The breath is medicine

I have had some of the deepest healing experiences of my life with breathwork. I have cried ancient tears, I’ve met spirit guides, I’ve reconnected with my power. I’ve cracked open layers of my heart to ORGASMIC love, the deepest unconditional love i have ever experienced. I’ve cleared trauma, I’ve released rage, I’ve connected to my primal energy, my wildness. I’ve heard my inner voice so clearly, the clearest it’s ever been.

Breathwork brings you out of your mind and into the wisdom of your body.

It can help you release trauma and fear. Unblock your creativity. Open your heart. Release shame. Clear stuck emotions from your body so you can connect more deeply with the truth of who you are.

Ultimately, breathwork helps you come home to your soul and your soul’s truth.

"I had never done breathwork before working with Eryn. I only had a vague idea of what it was or how it worked. She explained the process to me so I understood it and held space for me to set an intention that felt right for the moment.  My intention was to release that which no longer serves me and open to the flow of the universe.  

The session was intense and there were a few times I had to take a break from it- Eryn was there the whole time supporting me and guiding me so that I got the most out of it.  After the session I felt lighter and happier.  It was a great experience.  I have tried many other healing modalities, and many of them brought up unpleasant emotions and left me feeling raw and vulnerable after. Breathwork I could feel powerfully shifting the energy in my body, but afterwards I just felt cleansed and relaxed.  It was probably the best spiritual healing experience I've had." -Zack Shay

Book your online breathwork session below, or book your tarot reading + breathwork session here. If you are local to Philadelphia and would like to book a breathwork session with me in-person, please contact me here to schedule.

“A heartfelt thank you for this session. I so loved being in your presence and felt completely 'taken care of'. I had never tried breathwork before and was really curious about it, and afterward I felt super-charged. My arms and hands were tingling and buzzing. I could really feel the energy in and around my body. Then I felt quite calm and relaxed and happy later in the evening. 

The session reminded me of the power of my body and how spending time with it can really support me to connect more with calmness, grounding, and clarity in my next steps/direction each day. It helped me turn my mind "off" and get into my body.” - Danielle Brooker