Anyone can shuffle some cards and turn them...but not many people have the gift of intuitively understanding what the cards are saying. And I think the main reason this is true is because a lot of us healers or spiritual guides don’t take the time and patience to do the work ourselves. But Eryn’s genuine energy tells me that she has and continues to do the work on herself, so her assistance of others is authentic, genuine, and more powerful for their own healing.
— Christina, Coach and Author

I loved Eryn’s insights and energy, and it was incredibly impressive how well she knew the cards and how easily information just flowed through her. She had such great knowledge to share & was incredibly motivating and grounding. I felt more at peace after Eryn’s reading than I did before. I loved her energy.

I’ve been listening to the recording of my reading with Eryn on repeat and keep getting so much more out of it! It was amazing how meaningful each card read was. There was nothing said that didn’t make an impact. Her reading alone was wonderful, but her energy took the experience over the top.
— Kayla

My tarot reading with Eryn was a full wakeup call. The thing that really stood out was Eryn’s relationship with the cards and the way she brought out the small details of what they could mean. I would definitely recommend!
— Carol

If you’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward, I would recommend getting a reading with Eryn. There is something magical about rearranging how you see something based on a different point of view!
— Megan, Coach

I felt so comfortable with Eryn and immediately felt that she is honest, open, and coming from a helpful place. She is so knowledgeable about tarot and I loved how she interpreted the cards. She broke everything down for me in a simple to follow way that wasn’t too complicated for me to understand. It was perfect! I would definitely recommend getting a reading with Eryn— she knows what she’s talking about!
— Angelica

I had a “yes” feeling inside about getting a reading with Eryn and an immediate trust in the process. I loved the quick meditation we did together before the reading because it immediately connected us and cleared any confusion as to what exactly I wanted to know from the reading. The reading really helped and gave me the confirmation I needed that I am doing the right thing. Eryn made me feel safe, had great energy, and was super clear in explaining her vision according to my question and the spread. I would recommend getting a reading with her!
— Elerin, Designer

I don’t get on with people who read prescriptively, and I’ve come across quite a lot of people who consider themselves spiritual but who seem to me to bring a lot of their own judgments and baggage to their spiritual work. But I loved the open, clean energy Eryn brought. It made me feel comfortable to receive whatever guidance she had to pass on. I’ve been getting stuck in my own head a lot recently, so to be able to trust, hand over the reins and receive the messages of the tarot was very freeing. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her if you feel like you need an enlightened and unencumbered outside perspective.
— Yve, Tarot Reader and Reiki Healer