Intuitive Reiki Healing

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Reiki is powerful, gentle energy healing

Reiki is Universal energy. It has been my most powerful healing modality. When I first started using it, it completely opened my channel to the divine. It kickstarted an incredible flow of creative energy, connected me to my intuition, and helped me pull my shadows up to the surface so I can integrate them.

Reiki can help you do all that and more. It can help you release and clear blockages in your energy (which manifest as issues in your life), connect you to Source, relieve physical pain and discomfort, enjoy your life more, open to your own healing power, reach a calm meditative state, and more.

Everyone’s experience with Reiki is different. But typically, you will walk away feeling lighter, more balanced, and more open.

When you get a Reiki session with me, I work with your chakra system as well as the astrology of your body. I typically bring crystals & oils and incorporate them into the experience (if you’re open to it). If you want to learn more about Reiki, click here to read this in-depth blog post/podcast episode I wrote about the history of reiki, benefits of reiki, and FAQs.


These sessions are in-person at your home in Philadelphia (I bring a table with me). For those outside of Philadelphia, you can come visit me in Fishtown! I offer:

  • 1 hour sessions for $75 each. You can purchase a package of 5 Reiki sessions, to be used within 6 months, for $325

  • An hour and half session of a tarot reading + Reiki for $120

Contact me here to book your session or click the button below!

And pssst, I am starting a new referral program! Refer a friend (or as many friends as you’d like!) and you’ll each get $10 off a session when they book. Just have your friend mention your name when they reach out!