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"Not only did I thoroughly enjoy listening to Eryn’s reading, but there was so much clarity and understanding that came through.  It was informative and direct, yet compassionate and engaging.  Eryn has a really pleasant spirit that shines within her reading.  She really knows the cards, speaks fluidly and makes it easy to connect with.  I have much to reflect upon during the next six months and will re-visit my reading via the video that was sent to me afterwards.  How amazing to be able to get a wonderful Tarot reading like this from the comfort of my own home.  Thanks, Eryn, for a great experience!”


Living Open tarot readings

"Eryn's business reading really helped me get unstuck, flow with more confidence, and HAVE FUN along the way! The best part of the reading was Eryn's energy- I know the cards fairly well but always appreciate the individual reader's view and insight. She has a very kind and compassionate energy, especially when interpreting less "positive" cards like the 3 of swords, that leaves people completely at ease and that's a gift. I have a joyful heart and a childlike innocence in me but sometimes...it gets layered over by the serious adult. :) Eryn's reading really gave me a loving nudge to play more! Her insights will help me open up more to my path, relax as I go, and not let old patterns come back in. 

I would absolutely recommend a reading with her, especially because of her loving and calming energy. Anyone can shuffle some cards and turn them...but not many people have the gift of intuitively understanding what the cards are saying. And I think the main reason this is true is because a lot of us healers or spiritual guides don't take the time and patience to do the work ourselves. A lot of us don't heal and evolve within ourselves before we start telling others what to do. But her genuine energy tells me that she has and continues to do the work on herself, so her assistance of others is authentic, genuine, and more powerful for their own healing." 

-Christina Lopes, Healer, Coach, and Author at www.Christina-Lopes.com

Tarot reader Philadelphia

"I consider myself a very spiritual person, so I'm always somewhat skeptical of booking a reading with a new person-- I never know if their way of life will align with mine or be “too much." But I loved Eryn's insights and energy, and it was incredibly impressive how well she knew the cards and how easily information just flowed through her. She had such great knowledge to share & was incredibly motivating and grounding. Getting a tarot reading is such a form of self-care for me-- I always feel 1000x better after a reading,  and I felt more at peace after Eryn's reading than I did before. The reading really helped me tune in to what's going on in my life in the next 6 months, and that fear is playing a huge role in stunting my growth. Now that I'm aware of it, I can recognize it and not let it affect me as it has been in the past, and totally trust and act on my intuition. I would recommend getting a reading with Eryn! I loved her energy and I could tell she really wanted to help people in her own genuine and authentic way."

-Jessica Middlemiss, Holistic Nutritionist at www.livingwithgratitude.ca 

Living Open tarot readings, Yve Smith

"I don’t get on with people who read prescriptively, and I’ve come across quite a lot of people who consider themselves spiritual but who seem to me to bring a lot of their own judgments and baggage to their spiritual work. But I loved the open, clean energy Eryn brought. It made me feel comfortable to receive whatever guidance she had to pass on. This felt especially beneficial for me because I’ve been getting stuck in my own head a lot recently, so to be able to trust, hand over the reins and receive the messages of the tarot was very freeing. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with her if you feel like you need an enlightened and unencumbered outside perspective. The reading provided a kind of touchstone that I can refer back to as I progress through the challenges of the next few months – the messages I received will help me to interpret my reality from the viewpoint of my higher self, which will help me to deal with big life lessons and also to move forward with more clarity and motivation."

-YVE SMITH, yvealeciasmith.com 

"I have been listening to the recording of my reading with Eryn on repeat and keep getting so much more out of it! I was worried that the reading wouldn't give meaningful insights or would make me even more confused than I already am, but it felt amazing to have her speak to things that weighed on my mind in such a supportive and encouraging way. Eryn was incredibly warm and insightful. I instantly felt at ease interacting with her.  It was amazing how meaningful each card read was. There was nothing said that didn't make an impact. It gave me an affirmation that I am heading in the right direction and that I can trust myself. I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for extra clarity. Her reading alone was wonderful, but her energy took the experience over the top."


"My tarot reading with Eryn was a full wakeup call. I have spent the last 2-ish years focusing on others and getting crap done. It is time I focused on myself, especially internally. I need to break some walls down and walk my path. The reading made me more aware of how important my feelings are and how I need to honor them and work with them. The thing that really stood out was Eryn's relationship with the cards and the way she brought out the small details of what they could mean. I would definitely recommend!" 


Elerin Design, intuitive tarot readings

"I had a "yes" feeling inside about getting a reading with Eryn and an immediate trust in the process. I loved the quick meditation we did together before the reading because it immediately connected us and cleared any confusion as to what exactly I wanted to know from the reading. The reading really helped and gave me the confirmation I needed that I am doing the right thing. Eryn made me feel safe, had great energy, and was super clear in explaining her vision according to my question and the spread. I would recommend getting a reading with her!"

-ELERIN, www.elerindesign.eu





"I felt so comfortable with Eryn and immediately felt that she is honest, open, and coming from a helpful place. She is so knowledgeable about tarot and I loved how she interpreted the cards. She broke everything down for me in a simple to follow way that wasn't too complicated for me to understand. It was perfect! Her reading made me conscious of the areas of my life that might be imbalanced, and her advice for opening up my throat chakra rocked! The reading also reinforced that I have a lot of fear I have to work through to get to the place want to be. It made me reflect on the fear and why it is there. I would definitely recommend getting a reading with Eryn-- she knows what she's talking about!" 


"I’m part practical and part mystical, so what I really loved about the reading is that you delivered the reading in such a down to earth, relatable way that was easy to understand.  I also liked that you’re in a similar space of “finding your purpose” so you were able to speak really well to that. And the way you read was such a gentle, compassionate way of reading, like you were a friend providing some guidance and advice. I loved that you delivered your reading in an open way—you shared insights and lead me to a path to consider and continue to explore for myself and encouraged me to explore for myself. Readings I’ve received in the past seem to create this energy of relying on the reader for answers, rather than the person, so I really appreciate your empowering approach. If someone is feeling a little out of sorts and would like the Universe to reflect some truth back on what an individual needs to work on or address, this reading would be perfect for them!"


"You have a great energy and clearly love what you do. I loved how you really explained each card to me and the possibilities. I didn't feel confused about any of the cards, and the insights I got from the reading were great reminders for me to keep an open mind and heart in order to follow the right path for me. I definitely recommend getting a reading with Eryn if you love exploring all things relating to your life journey and getting guidance."

 -Kelly Ockeloen, www.every-body.fit

"If you're stuck and don't know how to move forward, I would recommend getting a reading with Eryn. The opportunity to weigh a neutral perspective against your own reality really opens up your heart space. There is something magical about rearranging how you see something based on a different point of view. I loved that Eryn is so accessible and open, and that the reading was recorded so I can go back and watch it. I felt like the reading was a lot of confirmation on things I have been working on, and my biggest insight was to keep going and doing the work because the connection is deepening." 

-MEGAN FARRY, COACH, www.yesandcoaching.com 

Gerrit Visser, Living Open intuitive tarot readings

"Eryn's reading helped me realize what was blocking me and it reiterated to me that I'm not focusing on the things that will truly make a difference in my business. This has given me a shift into turning around and refocussing my energy to the things that are going to make the long turn difference in my business and my personal life. I would definitely recommend getting a reading from her. The confidence and the knowledge that she portrays as well as the information that I received will definitely impact my business in the coming future."

-GERRIT VISSER, www.180solutions.ca

Living Open Tarot Reading

"I don't know much about tarot and wasn't really sure how it could impact my life, but I loved how Eryn interpreted the cards. I loved her enthusiasm and how present she was. I would absolutely recommend getting a tarot reading with her! I'm really aware now of the energies that are available to me in each month going forward, and I had so much fun! It was really exciting and I'm looking forward to doing this again sometime."

-Sabrina Tulpan, www.sabrinatulpan.com







"Thank you so much for this beautiful reading!! I loved the style you used by using the questions you gave me to format the tarot reading…such an amazing way of doing! I am definitely on the path of learning and expressing who I am more and more each day. Your reading is something I will definitely keep looking back at to help me stay on track. Much love to you on your beautiful journey!! You are amazing at what you do."