Tarot Yoga



Tarot Yoga brings the esoteric and the mystical into your body, into your breath. The powerful archetypes of the cards become something tangible that you can feel and experience. More than that, this practice brings the witchy and goddess spirituality to the patriarchal system of yoga, allowing each of us to claim and make space for ourselves in it.

I teach tarot yoga workshops based around connecting with the energy of the Queens of the tarot in person in Philadelphia (scroll down for upcoming classes), and an online series of classes is coming soon! Workshops include journaling, meditation, breathwork, mantra, mudra, trauma conscious hatha yoga flow, and savasana. 

All levels of experience in yoga and tarot are welcome! You don't need to read tarot to enjoy these classes, as it is just another way to enter more deeply into your practice.

This series will be available soon! Until then, you can click below to make sure you're the first to know when it's available + download my free Mantras and Affirmations for the Tarot PDF.