Intuitive Tarot Readings

Starchild tarot deck with Eryn Johnson

“Listening to the reading (again!), I was just so struck by how clearly and powerfully you were channeling those messages. It truly felt like Spirit talking to me through your voice.It was really helpful to have the recording to go back to again and again, especially at the end of the season, to reflect on how these lessons came up. I gained something different each time I listened. These zodiacal readings are such a gift and I am so glad you are doing them!” -Davis Carr, @meridiantarot

It is my deep honor to hold a non-judgmental space for you to be exactly as you are. To hold space for you to show up to your reading soft, angry, afraid, contracted, cracked open, struggling, hurt and help you feel seen. By me, by the cards.

This is the feedback I continually get after readings and it gives me so much joy: that you feel seen, that you feel understood.

I think when you walk away from a reading with action steps that’s really beautiful - and I give you that too, mostly in the form of questions to ask yourself & explore deeper- but a lot of the time what I think is so special is how you get to be vulnerable and I get to hold space for you & support you in processing, in feeling. To hold that mirror up for you and help you see what’s really there.

Often, the words that come through me in readings aren't coming from me at all. They're just flowing through my channel. I have no clue why the tarot works. And I don’t really care. I just know that it does. Every single time. It’s the mirror we sometimes don’t even know we need until we see the cards in front of us.

My tarot readings are all intended to help you come home to your own wisdom. To connect with the answers you already have inside of you— the answers you may have pushed away, forgotten about, or buried.

I would be honored to read for you, too. To help you feel seen, understood. To help you process what’s going on with you, see the invitation of the present moment, and find your way forward in a beautiful, messy, incredibly human way.

DETAILS + investment

I offer individual tarot readings by Zoom (live video call) and audio file (delivered via email) where we can explore whatever is on your heart. You can bring an intention to the reading, but you don’t have to. If you’re in Philadelphia, we can do your reading in person— just send me an email here.

I also offer tarot + Reiki sessions and tarot + breathwork sessions. These are especially powerful because you get clarity and a shift in your energy. We get to see what you need and what's blocking you, and then use one of these powerful tools to dissolve those blockages. 

The exchange for these sessions is as follows:

  • Audio file email readings vary — I offer in-depth readings ($44), and astrological season tarot readings ($55)

  • In-person and live video readings are about an hour, and cost $88

  • A tarot reading + breathwork session (available via live video call only) is $122

  • A tarot reading + Reiki session (available in Philly only) is about an hour and a half long and costs $144

Special new offering! I’m also offering astro season tarot readings. Click here or below to get the details of these astro season tarot readings!

I am also available for private events! I doing tarot readings, holding breathwork circles and Reiki circles, and/or facilitating ritual for your group. Contact me here and let’s craft your ideal night of magic together.

What people are saying:

“I’ve been listening to the recording of my reading with Eryn on repeat and keep getting so much more out of it! It was amazing how meaningful each card read was. There was nothing said that didn’t make an impact. Her reading alone was wonderful, but her energy took the experience over the top.”


“Anyone can shuffle some cards and turn them...but not many people have the gift of intuitively understanding what the cards are saying. And I think the main reason this is true is because a lot of us healers or spiritual guides don’t take the time and patience to do the work ourselves. But Eryn’s genuine energy tells me that she has and continues to do the work on herself, so her assistance of others is authentic, genuine, and more powerful for their own healing.” 

-Christina Lopes, Healer, Coach, and Author at

"Not only did I thoroughly enjoy listening to Eryn’s reading, but there was so much clarity and understanding that came through.  It was informative and direct, yet compassionate and engaging.  Eryn has a really pleasant spirit that shines within her reading.  She really knows the cards, speaks fluidly and makes it easy to connect with.  I have much to reflect upon during the next six months and will re-visit my reading via the video that was sent to me afterwards.  How amazing to be able to get a wonderful Tarot reading like this from the comfort of my own home.  Thanks, Eryn, for a great experience!”

-Sande nosonowitz, vegan coach and educator at

“I loved Eryn’s insights and energy, and it was incredibly impressive how well she knew the cards and how easily information just flowed through her. She had such great knowledge to share & was incredibly motivating and grounding. I felt more at peace after Eryn’s reading than I did before. I loved her energy.”



How do I know your style will resonate with me? Listen to my podcast to get a feel for my energy! If you’re in Philly, coming to one of my events is a beautiful low-cost way to connect before investing in one-on-one work.

What's your refund policy? I am unable to offer refunds for readings, sessions of any kind, and digital products (like my zines and meditations) that have already been delivered or completed! Please reflect carefully before purchasing.

I want to read more testimonials! Absolutely! Explore testimonials from my amazing clients here.

Do you offer tarot readings for events? Yes, I do! In Philadelphia only. Send me an email at with your event details and let’s talk!