The Queen of Swords Embodied Tarot Yoga Class

The Queen of Swords Embodied Tarot Yoga Class


This workshop will be focused around connecting with the energy of the Queen of Swords, who is here to help you find your voice. She is water and air, helping you do the deep (and difficult) internal work of boundary setting and saying no. 

Channeling her energy helps you allow yourself to be seen, uncover what’s blocking you from finding your voice, set healthy boundaries, and get comfortable with your own sacred no. So that you can fully show up for the world, for your relationships, and for yourself without compromising who you are. 

In this class, you’ll journal about the Queen of Swords, do a tarot spread (optional— can also be done as just journaling prompts if you don’t feel comfortable reading the tarot), meditate with mantra, connect with the breath, do an exercise for being seen, engage in a yoga flow, and end with a long savasana where each individual will be given reiki healing.

The class is an hour and a half long audio class, but please carve out 2 hours! You’ll need to pause the audio to journal and pull tarot cards.

Note: I will email the class to you within 24 hours of purchasing! Squarespace hates me right now and won’t let me directly upload the file for you!

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