Queens of the Tarot Breathwork Meditation Album

Queens of the Tarot Breathwork Meditation Album


Breathwork is an incredibly powerful healing modality. It’s an active meditation technique where you become your own healer. It helps you connect to your intuition and creativity, open your heart, and release emotional and energetic blockages keeping you small and stuck in your life.

“I’ve tried many other healing modalities, and many of them brought up unpleasant emotions and left me feeling raw and vulnerable after. With breathwork I could feel powerfully shifting the energy in my body, but afterwards I just felt cleansed and relaxed. It was probably the best spiritual healing experience I've had.” - Zack Shay 

The Queens of the Tarot (The Queen of Wands, The Queen of Swords, The Queen of Pentacles, and The Queen of Cups) are all here to help bring you back inside. To bring you back home to who you really are. 

This album contains four 12-15 minute active breathwork meditations to help you connect with the energy of each specific queen to:

  • Release trauma, old patterns, fear, and stuck emotions like rage and sadness

  • Take you inside, back home, back to your heart 

  • Embody the magic & intuitive power of the Queen of Wands

  • Dive into your inner ocean & emotional body with the Queen of Cups

  • Set boundaries and find your voice with the Queen of Swords

  • Become the nature that you are with the Queen of Pentacles

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