Pisces Season Zine

Pisces Season Zine


This Living Open: Pisces Edition zine is a digital download that you will receive directly after purchasing. In this zine, you’ll find:

  • Pisces season medicine

  • Ways to embody Pisces energy

  • Your personal tarot cards of the season based on your birth chart

  • A tarot spread to connect with the Queen of Cups

  • A tarot spread for breakups

  • Simple protection spells

  • Musings on the Moon card

  • A gentle yoga practice to stretch the feet, Pisces in our physical form

  • A tarot spread to connect with the Page of Cups

  • Ways to open your sacral chakra

  • Cleansing practices for when you absorb other people’s energy

  • How to get started with dreamwork

  • Scrying 101

  • A tarot spread to connect with the Hanged One, ruled by Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune

  • A spell for personal and collective healing

  • A ritual for forgiveness

  • A tarot spread on boundaries for empaths

  • Ethics for psychospiritual practitioners

  • The constellation of the Moon card.

This zine is 6,765 words of musings, spells, tarot spreads, and magic from my heart to yours. Enjoy!

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