Embodied Tarot Yoga Class: The Magician

Embodied Tarot Yoga Class: The Magician


This embodied tarot yoga class is focused around channeling the energy of the Magician, the major arcana’s master manifestor. The Magician is able to channel the energy of the Universe and use it to create their desires on this earthly plane.

We can (and should) do all that we can on this earthly plane— checking off the to-dos, applying for the jobs, creating the website, asking your support system for help, whatever it is for you— but at a certain point, we’ve done all we can.

That’s where magic comes in, because there is still energy that can be worked with to help you manifest.

That’s what this class will help you do— embody the manifesting magic of the Magician to help you create your desires on this physical plane. In this class, you will be guided through journaling and tarot questions, a visualization meditation (my fave part), a trauma conscious hatha flow style yoga class, and a mudra meditation with chanting.

The class is an audio file, because it’s part of my soul’s work to help you come back to yourself and there’s absolutely no need for you to see me moving through these yoga poses. If that makes you uncomfortable, I get it. But my cues are clear and I want to empower you to listen to your own body and intuition, and not get caught up watching what I’m doing in my totally different body with my totally different intuition on a screen. Plus, we spend too much time in front of screens anyway, ya know?

The class is an hour and thirty minutes long, but it will actually take you around two hours. You’ll need to pause the video for as much time as you need for the journaling & tarot pulling portion of the class, as I go right through the questions and don’t give you time to answer (my intention is to have you write as long as you need, so just pause it!).

Once you purchase, the class will be emailed to you right away.

Before you buy, 2 PSAs:

  1. You still have to do the physical work I mentioned above! AKA don’t take this class to try to manifest a book deal if you’re not, you know, actually writing a book, seeking an agent, putting yourself out there, etc.

  2. When it comes to manifesting, remember that we don’t manifest in a vacuum. Let’s be conscious of what’s coming to us because of our privilege, and let’s always put the intention out that we are manifesting for the greater good of the world.

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to deepen your relationship with the archetype of the Magician

  • Want to add some more tools to your manifesting toolkit

  • Are ready to own your manifesting magic

  • Are a beginner to the tarot OR are an experienced practitioner— this class is for all to enjoy, wherever you are on your tarot journey

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