In-Depth 9-11 Card Tarot Reading Delivered via Email

In-Depth 9-11 Card Tarot Reading Delivered via Email


All of my tarot readings are designed to offer you intuitive guidance that you can integrate into your life for greater clarity as you move forward on your unique soul path.

This in-depth intuitive tarot reading is delivered via email as an audio recording within 4 weekdays (M-F) of purchasing. You will be asked to share any details about your situation and what you’d like to get out of the reading when you book.

“Listening to the reading (again!), I was just so struck by how clearly and powerfully you were channeling those messages. It truly felt like Spirit talking to me through your voice.It was really helpful to have the recording to go back to again and again, especially at the end of the season, to reflect on how these lessons came up. I gained something different each time I listened.” -Davis Carr, @meridiantarot

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