The High Priestess Embodiment Class

The High Priestess Embodiment Class


This embodied tarot class is focused around channeling the energy of the High Priestess. The High Priestess is an archetype that teaches us to connect with our intuition, our psychic abilities, and the moon.

This class is focused around opening your third eye and unlocking your connection to your intuition.

In this audio class, you will be guided through breathwork, meditation, journaling and tarot questions, and an all-levels yoga flow.

The class is an hour and fifteen minutes long, but it will actually take you around an hour and 45 minutes. You’ll need to pause the video for as much time as you need for the journaling & tarot pulling portion of the class, as I go right through the questions and don’t give you time to answer (my intention is to have you write as long as you need, so just pause it!).

Once you purchase, the class will be emailed to you right away.

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to deepen your relationship with the archetype of the High Priestess

  • Want to unblock your intuition/learn to trust your intuition more

  • Want to open your third eye chakra and psychic abilities

  • Are a beginner to the tarot OR are an experienced practitioner— this class is for all to enjoy, wherever you are on your tarot journey

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