In-Depth 6-8 Card Tarot Reading Delivered via Email

In-Depth 6-8 Card Tarot Reading Delivered via Email


This in-depth intuitive tarot reading is delivered via email, meaning I will be sending you an audio file of your reading within 3 days of purchasing. Scroll down to look through my offerings! You will be asked to enter the spread you want and to give details about your situation when you book.

These readings are all designed to help you come home to who you really are, so you can stop living small and start living your purpose.

Here are my current offerings:

  • Chakra Medicine Spread. This 7-card spread takes a holistic look at each of your chakras, highlighting which chakras are blocked and offering you the medicine you need to open them.

  • Chakra Deep Dive. Already know that one of your chakras needs balancing? Maybe you're struggling with loving yourself (heart chakra) or need help finding your voice (throat chakra). This spread dives deep into one specific chakra to address what's blocking it, what's going on in your subconscious, and the work you can do to gently and lovingly open that energetic center.

  • The Empress Spread. If you're feeling blocked creatively, this is your spread. We'll look at your relationship with the Empress, exploring what's blocking you from opening and receiving, so you can get your creative juju back.

  • The Queens Spread. The queens are some of my favorite cards in the tarot. We have the Queen of Swords, governing boundaries and the sacred no; the Queen of Pentacles, ruling all things earth and your relationship with your body; the Queen of Cups, all about exploring your inner depths; and the Queen of Wands, ruling your magic and intuition. This spread explores your relationship with these 4 queens and helps you discover which queen energy you're in right now, what queen energy you're being called to work on, and how you can integrate all 4 of these powerful archetypes into your life.

  • Purpose Reading. We'll look at what's blocking you from connecting with your purpose, what your purpose is at this moment, what unique gifts you can utilize in pursuing your purpose and how you can explore your purpose more deeply.

  • Business Reading. Business not flowing like you wish it was? In this reading, we'll explore the tricky shadows in your subconscious that are holding you and your business back from thriving, plus dive into actionable ways you can create more flow and use your unique gifts in your business. 

  • Custom Spread. Tell me the issue you're struggling with and need clarity on, and I'll create a custom spread to address it.

Important: For first time clients, I have a no questions asked refund policy. If you're unsatisfied with your reading, I will happily refund you! For returning clients, there are no refunds on readings that have been delivered or completed. 

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