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Online Breathwork Group: Breathwork for Boundaries

Breathwork is an active emotional healing technique where you truly become your own healer. Breathwork brings you out of your head and into the wisdom of your body, facilitating the release of stuck energy and feelings like anger and grief that you never got to feel in the moment.

Breathwork moves this stuck energy so that you can deprogram conditioning, release old stories, heal core wounds, and open your heart to deeper self-love.

In this virtual breathwork group, we’ll focus on breathwork for boundaries. This breathwork session will help you open your throat and heart to being seen as your authentic self, setting boundaries, and speaking your truth with the intention of supporting you through the holiday season.

You will receive a recording of the group to repeat as many times as you’d like, and it’s okay if you can’t make it live (although it is pretty magical to join live, so please do if you can!). Beginners to breathwork are welcome - I will share everything you need to know. All you will need to join is an internet connection - this group will be held over Zoom, a free video call platform.

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