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6-Week Intuitive Tarot Course at The Common Room

A tool for understanding what it means to be alive, the tarot is a collection of archetypes we can use to process the present, to understand the energies available to us, and to connect with the truth of what’s really going on when we feel stuck or unclear.

In this six-week tarot course, you’ll dive deep with tarot reader and Reiki practitioner Eryn Johnson into how to use the tarot in your everyday life. You’ll learn what the cards mean, including the astrology of the cards and how to work with them as part of your spiritual practice. You’ll learn how to read the tarot intuitively— without a guidebook.

Beginners to the tarot are welcome, as well as those who are already working with the tarot. We will cover the basics of the tarot as well as go deeper to expand your understanding of the cards through embodiment, astrology, elementation, ritual, and the chakra system.

The six classes are spread over about twelve weeks; on weeks where we don't meet in person, students will engage through a private Facebook group where they are encouraged to ask questions, share their experiences, and build their community practice.

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