Embodying The Star



The Star tarot card

Are there parts of yourself that you hide because you feel like if anyone saw them, they wouldn’t love you?

Was the last time you cried so long ago that you can barely remember it?

Are there feelings you’re afraid to feel and places you’re afraid to go within yourself (because you’re scared of what you might find)?

Do you feel like you’re on autopilot, moving through your days not feeling truly inspired or alive?

Here’s what you need to know: there’s nothing wrong with you! All you need is to come back to who you already are. That’s where you create a life that really makes you feel alive.

And I can help. In Embodying the Star, we will work to peel back the layers of self-judgement, inherited beliefs from parents and society, unfelt feelings, and fear over your heart, your power, your magic, and your intuition.

Embodying the Star is a 3-month container for your growth and transformation where we will do all of this and more.

We’ll open portals to the most hidden parts of yourself and heal the wounds you hold there using a combination of awareness, embodiment practice, and energy work. Through this experience, you will:

  • Dig deep and understand the shame and shadows that are keeping you small

  • Understand the evolution available to you right now

  • Activate your unique magic and embody your power from a deeply grounded place of connection with who you really are

  • Align with your soul’s purpose

Working with Eryn for the past three months has been transformative, enlightening, and empowering. She carries a beautiful energy with her into every setting that is so contagious...She hears your needs and sees all of the ways to facilitate your healing in whatever area it may be. The powerful results I felt after breathwork, Reiki, and card reading sessions with her show how much care and energy she puts into the time you share with her. I always walked away from our meetings with a new breakthrough of some kind. She held space for me that I so desperately needed in order to heal on a deeper level.

This is for you if you:

  • Have read every book in the self-help section, listened to every podcast, and bought everyone’s course thinking that this would be the thing to finally “fix” you

  • Feel like there are parts of yourself that if anyone else saw them, they wouldn’t love you

  • Rarely cry and spend most of your time in your logical, thinking mind

  • Feel uninspired by life and want to connect with your purpose but aren’t sure how

  • Know there’s a more fulfilling way of existing that’s true to who you are - but aren’t sure how to create that for yourself

This isn’t for you if you:

  • Are looking for a “love and light” approach

  • Are unwilling to get uncomfortable

  • Aren’t ready to get weird, to get vulnerable, to get cracked open in service of your growth

  • Want a quick fix or are looking for someone to “heal you”

You will walk away changed. You will walk away more YOU.

More comfortable in your own skin, not questioning yourself or worrying about what everyone else thinks.

More in your power, expanding into your too-much-ness and not apologizing for being you.

More connected to who you really are, who you were before everyone told you who you should be.

Able to hear your own wisdom, rather than looking for all the answers outside of yourself.

I was just so struck by how clearly and powerfully you were channeling those messages. It truly felt like Spirit talking to me through your voice.
— Davis Carr, @meridiantarot

the structure

Eryn Johnson Living Open

I’m Eryn, your facilitator and guide through this experience. I’m a tarot reader, Reiki practitioner, and breathwork facilitator who has gone from feeling ashamed of who I am (and wanting to change everything about myself) to living my purpose from a place of deep connection to myself and love for myself.

To sharing my full self in the world and with everyone in my life without judgement. To moving through the world as ME with an acceptance of and love for all the parts of myself I used to be afraid of.

Each month, we will meet three times in-person in Fishtown, Philadelphia or online over Zoom if you are not located in Philadelphia.

Our work together each month will include:

  • A two-hour custom session. This is an experience customized to your needs and where you are on your journey that may include story medicine, Reiki, breathwork, channeling, the tarot, partner work, and meditation. In this session we will gain clarity: we’ll identify the roots of your fear, judgement, and inherited beliefs and start to shift your energy.

  • Two 75 minute Reiki or breathwork sessions. As you go through this process, things will shed. Old stories and beliefs will need to die. Emotions that never got to be felt will need to be felt and released. These sessions will facilitate that clearing on a cellular and energetic level.

We will also spend plenty of time checking in with these sessions. Throughout the healing process, you will be tempted to walk into traps, to fall back into old patterns. We’ll continue to talk about what’s coming up for you and I will hold you accountable for your own healing so you don’t slide back into old ways of being.

  • Personal activation exercises. Between sessions, you will have personal activation exercises to work with on your own. I will also help you cultivate a daily practice that works for you, to become a lifelong daily container for your healing as you continue to evolve.

  • Email and text support from me between sessions. You will have access to me via email and text message throughout the experience for ongoing support. I will hold space for whatever you’re going through, hold you accountable, and offer support.

This experience is completely customized to whatever it is you’re working with and whatever you need. With past clients, we have worked with: ancestral healing, relationships with parents, being seen, clearing fear, trusting yourself, connecting to your power, finding your voice, unblocking pleasure, connecting to anger, setting boundaries, releasing self-doubt, and more - and all the shame, deep feelings, beliefs and patterns connected to it all.


The investment in yourself is $1,111. Payment plans are available — a $250 deposit is required to hold your spot.

[Payment plan options: $250 deposit + 2 payments of $430.50, or a $250 deposit + 3 payments of $287]

Embodying the Star is currently closed for registration and will open for winter registration on January 10th, the Cancer full moon. We will start on January 24th, the Aquarius new moon. As this is an in-depth experience, I have only 8 spots available and registration is through application only.


If you are ready to make 2020 the year you expand into all your magic, own your power, and finally accept yourself as you are, click here to request an application.

A lot of healers or guides don’t take the time and patience to do the work ourselves. But Eryn’s genuine energy tells me that she has and continues to do the work on herself, so her assistance of others is authentic, genuine, and more powerful for their own healing.

At our last session, one of my Embodying the Star clients said to me: “I feel like I’m leaving this experience feeling like I don’t need you.”

That is the kind of transformation possible for you to access by the end of our work together if you consistently show up and do the work like she did. Through this experience, you will develop a strong foundation for your ability to heal yourself, and feel empowered to continue in your process as your own healer.

If you feel called, please join us! Request your application here.


I want to join, but I’m not sure this will work for me. If you are ready for deeper healing and are willing to show up, do the work, and surrender to the process, you will leave this experience changed. If you’re not willing to show up, do the work, and surrender to the process - then it’s not a fit.

I’m away on January 24th - can I still join? Yes! As this is a private one-on-one experience, we schedule sessions around both of our schedules. January 24th is simply when the container opens. If you can’t do your first session until, say, January 30th - that’s fine!

Still not sure if Embodying the Star is right for you? Send me a message with your questions and concerns - I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!