Connecting with Your Creative Energy Through Embodiment: A 3-Week Course

One of the things that has helped me come home to myself more than anything else is connecting with my creative energy.

I didn’t even realize how blocked it was for the first probably 20 years of my life until I got my first reiki attunement and it opened up a deep channel of creativity and connection with the universe within me.

This course is full of practices to help you connect with the creative energy that already exists within you. To come back home to your creative spirit, to your fire, to the sense of play and imagination you had when you were a child. That got buried under the layers of everyone else’s expectations and opinions, that got buried by a society that devalues your creative, intuitive spirit and elevates logic to the highest levels. 

This course starts on the Libra new moon, October 8th, and ends on the Scorpio new moon, Nov 7th. It includes the following, released throughout the month: 

  • A live creativity ritual on the Libra new moon (recorded for you to come back to whenever you like)
  • A guided breathwork practice to connect with your creative energy
  • An embodied Empress tarot yoga class
  • A tarot spread + journaling prompts to dive into what blocks you from connecting to and expressing your creative energy
  • A guided astrology meditation focused on connecting with the energy of the Sun, Mars and Mercury to help light your creative fire and express it
  • Optional add-on: a distance reiki session for $30

All practices are yours to keep. 

Exchange for the course is $47 early bird until the September full moon (Sept 24th), $57 regular price after that. Registration closes October 7th! 

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