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Ep. #87: The Prison Arcana Tarot Zine & the Relationship Between Prison Abolition and Magic with Educator, Writer, Activist, and a Queer Femme Working-Class Witch Raechel Anne Jolie

Click to learn more about and listen to this episode on the Prison Arcana Tarot Zine and the relationship between prison abolition and magic with Raechel Anne Jolie.

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Ep. #57: Creator of the Many Moons Workbooks, Artist, and Tarot Reader Sarah Faith Gottesdiener on Embodying the Tarot and Creating Magick with the Moon

Click to learn more about this episode with the amazing Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, tarot reader, artist, and creator of the Many Moons workbooks.

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Ep. #52: A Tarot Spread, Ahimsa Ritual, and Journaling to Help You Show Up as Both an Activist and a Healer in the World

Click to discover a tarot spread, journaling prompts, and ritual to help you embody compassion (Ahimsa) in your activism.

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