Ep #130: Leaning Into Things That Feel Good and Alive and Beautiful with Queer Writer, Pleasure Activist, & Body Worker Yarrow Magdalena

Yarrow Magdalena Daydreaming Wolves podcast

“Just kind of leaning into things that feel good and alive and beautiful I think is the most powerful thing I’m holding at the moment.”

Yarrow Magdalena is a queer writer, pleasure activist, body worker, celebrant and plant lover who supports soft folks in reclaiming embodiment and a connection to nature through everyday magic and ritual. Her practices around folk herbalism, tarot, journaling, movement and creative expression are meant to support a trauma informed and accessible path towards body liberation, self-acceptance and community.

And today, she’s on the Living Open podcast! In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her relationship with her body and being fully embodied

  • Her connection to nature

  • Connecting with what you actually desire versus what you think you should desire & have been told to desire

  • The water element

  • Softening into and embracing cycles

  • The capitalist ideal of always needing to be expanding

  • Her journey of self-acceptance

  • Releasing shame

  • Her biggest growth edge

  • Making space to own your own unusual desires

  • Expressive writing and journaling as healing

  • Why she’s quitting social media

“[it’s been] a reclaiming of my eye’s ability to see beauty in myself and everyone around me.”