Ep. #92: Being Who You Truly Are, the Dark Moon, + Tarot Magic with the Creator of Dark Days Tarot Wren McMurdo

Dark Days Tarot Wren McMurdo

Wren McMurdo is the witch and artist who created Dark Days Tarot, an amazing lunar tarot deck you’ve definitely seen on Instagram specifically themed around the dark moon.

She came on the Living Open podcast to talk with me about astrology, the dark moon, her creative process, Dark Days Tarot, being who you truly are, the tarot cards and astrological signs that have been showing up as teachers for her, and tarot archetypes including the Lovers, the Devil, and the Hanged Human.

“A lot of my creative process is about follow through because…even if I’m feeling stuck if I just keep drawing or working it, something will come of it. I just have to keep working through the kinks.” 

I love the Dark Days deck and some of the cards have really helped evolve my understanding of the tarot, and Wren is incredible so I’m super excited to share this episode with you! Click the links below to listen on your favorite platform.

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Check out the Dark Days Tarot website and Wren's Instagram.

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