Ep. #114: Returning to a More Ancient Way of Being and the Akashic Records with Venessa Rodriguez of Feed Your Wild

Venessa Rodriguez Feed Your Wild

“For so many people that I’ve worked with, especially those who have been dealing with chronic health issues or just feeling chronically stuck and off their life path and soul path, there are these series of events that can feel very intense that usher us into our next level…it’s kind of an invitation into a deeper way of being.”

Venessa Rodriguez is a functional nutritionist, intuitive nourishment guide and host of the Feed Your Wild Podcast. Her mission is to put the soul back into medicine, supporting wild-hearted change-makers get to the root cause of their challenges with their health, body, and soul path and awaken their innate healing capacity by reconnecting them to nature and their own medicine through food, spirit, and love.

“Our body is a part of our soul and vice versa. There is no real separation in that way.” 

Through her work combining the science + spirituality of food using a functional approach, intuitive guidance with Akashic Records, and ancestral nutrition, Venessa guides her clients through transformative experiences not only within their own health and life but by sharing their gifts with the world.

“The Akashic Records are this vast energetic database that holds the imprint of all living energies.”

In this episode, we talk about:

Venessa Rodriguez Feed Your Wild on Living Open podcast
  • Her journey

  • What the Akashic Records are and how they work

  • Can everyone access the Akasha? I talk about my experience accessing my own records

  • Starting to work with the Akashic Records

  • How she works wth the Akashic Records for health

  • What she’s working with/in process with right now

  • Healthy boundaries in work

  • Deprogramming our work addiction and limiting beliefs around working vs. resting and self-worth

  • Actually being busy vs. being mentally busy

  • Returning to a more ancient way of being

  • What wildness means and feels like to her

  • Getting quiet enough to listen to whats already there, and more.

“Working with myself I really discovered that the physical manifestations that were presenting at the time for me were so connected to these deeper deeply rooted soul issues and emotional issues.”