Ep. #105: Making Mystical Living Practical through Astrological Fitness and Astrological Nutrition with Claire Gallagher, the Body Astrologer

The Body Astrologer Claire Gallagher on Living Open

“It’s thinking about the planetary cycles as growth opportunities and power opportunities and plugging into that power.”

Claire Gallagher is the Body Astrologer! She makes mystical living practical through astrological nutrition, astrological fitness, and medicine curated for your birth chart.

“These tools, whether it’s astrology or nutrition or exercise and putting them all together is what has helped land in myself and to feel comfortable in my own body.”

She joins me on this episode of Living Open to talk all things mystical-made-practical.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey of coming into her body

  • What medical astrology is

  • The sun/moon/rising through the lens of the body and our energy

  • Astrology-based exercise

  • Elemental body types

  • Balancing the elements in your body

  • Anger and rage

  • How to learn aspects by trusting yourself and relying on your physical experience

  • Astrological nutrition

  • Being seen in this work

  • How we can make mystical living nuts-and-bolts practical, and more. 

“Somebody’s birth chart…describes their astrological DNA.”

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