Ep. #121: Emotional Healing & Deprogramming the Subconscious Through EFT Tapping with EFT Practitioner Alexa Houser

Alexa Soothes EFT practitioner

“Trauma is passed through ancestors, through generations…you can be carrying that in your cells.” 

Alexa Houser is a writer, podcast host, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner living in Philadelphia, PA. Alexa has used EFT, a quantum healing technique you may know as tapping, to process everything from anxiety, childhood trauma, relationship issues, sexual shame, money issues and beyond. 

It is Alexa’s life mission to help others receive the healing they need and inspire them to step into their power as the creators of their own life experience. She came on the Living Open podcast to talk with Eryn about using EFT for emotional healing and deprogramming the subconscious.

“Over time if you continue to ignore these emotions and stuff them down for long enough, that can disrupt the energy flow of these meridians in your body…tapping is re-regulating that energy flow and at the same time that you’re tapping on these meridians, you’re also expressing how you’re feeling authentically out loud.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Alexa’s journey, as always, to a spiritual path and practice

  • The stories we tell ourselves

  • Judgement & the inner critic

  • The doubt that comes up on the precipice of expansion

  • The struggle with being more visible in our healing work & wounds around being seen

  • The witch wound

  • The “I’ll be happy when” trap

  • What EFT/tapping is and how it works

  • How EFT helps us release stuck emotions

  • How to actually use EFT/tapping for reprogramming and for moving through complex feelings

  • Questions to ask yourself to understand what to tap on

  • Tapping to surface old beliefs/programming

  • Some things that have come up for me with the body

  • Telling yourself a new story, uncovering what you actually believe and reprogramming beliefs

  • Using EFT for processing and healing trauma

  • & Alexa leads us through a mini tapping session around power!

“We don’t have to let our traumas run our lives.”

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