Ep. #120: Eclipses, Nodes, and Astrology as a Tool for Timing with Astrologer Shakirah Tabourn of The Strology

Shakirah The Strology

“Eclipses are so intense and powerful and supercharged.” 

Shakirah Tabourn is an astrologer, writer, and the creator of NFLUX mag, a quarterly astrology magazine.

In this episode, Shakirah and Eryn talk about:

  • Astrology as a tool for timing

  • Annual perfections

  • The 4th house

  • What you need to know about these eclipses

  • What came up for us with the July 2nd solar eclipse

  • The upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020

  • The nodes

  • What the July 16th eclipse is asking us to do

  • The message Saturn in Capricorn has for us

  • Finding and building aligned community

  • Pluto and power, and more.

“I think I learned early on that [Pluto’s] power is so transformative and that it doesn’t have to be so dark, deep and heavy. It can be healing.” 

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