Ep. #109: Sobriety & Intuition and Building a Business that Works for You, Your Values and Your Needs with Tarot Reader & Business Witch Sarah Chappell

Sarah Chappell podcast interview Living Open

“When I finally got around to stopping drinking…all of a sudden all of my sensitivity, my intuition, my psychic abilities just completely emerged.”

Sarah Chappell is your witchy business coach as well as an intuitive counselor and herbalist. She joined Eryn on Living Open to talk the connection sobriety and intuition as well as building a business that works for you, your values, and your needs.

“Money is a sign of impact, money is how we are able to do more things in the world.” 

In this episode, Sarah and Eryn talk about:

  • Sarah's journey of getting sober and starting her own tarot and herbal medicine business

  • The connection between sobriety and intuition

  • The rush to monetize & how to decide when it's time to monetize something

  • Business and identity

  • Doing multiple things in your business versus honing in on one thing

  • The things Sarah often sees tarot readers and practitioners struggling with

  • Honoring your energetic capacity,

  • Unpacking money beliefs and charging enough to actually support you, and more!