Ep. #87: The Prison Arcana Tarot Zine & the Relationship Between Prison Abolition and Magic with Educator, Writer, Activist, and a Queer Femme Working-Class Witch Raechel Anne Jolie

Raechel Anne Jolie

“So much of abolition work is saying out loud this world that feels impossible and speaking it into truth.”

This title is a mouthful but HELLO welcome I’m glad you’re here! Living Open is a podcast for mystics and seekers intended to help bring you back to you, and I am your host, Libra witch/tarot reader/Reiki practitioner Eryn Johnson.

This week, I’m talking with educator, writer, activist, and a queer femme working-class witch Raechel Anne Jolie on the Prison Arcana Tarot Zine and the relationship between prison abolition and magic.

She holds a PhD in Media Studies with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies from the University of Minnesota. Her work focuses on social movements, prison abolition, media, liberation magic, and she is currently finishing a memoir which will be released by Belt Publishing in Spring 2020.

She is also the co-host and co-producer of the Feminist Killjoys, PhD podcast. Raechel was selected as a 2019 witch-in-residency at The Future in Minneapolis where she will be creating The Prison Arcana Tarot zine in collaboration with her incarcerated pen-pal, Krazybwoy. 

“Nobody enters into violence for the first time as a perpetrator of it.” -Activist Mariame Kaba 

The Prison Arcana Tarot Zine

The Prison Arcana Tarot Zine

In this episode, we talk about:

Raechel’s incarcerated pen pal, Krazybwoy

Raechel’s incarcerated pen pal, Krazybwoy

  • Her journey of coming into spirituality and finding radical politics 

  • Combining magic with politics and activist work

  • Her thoughts on the oracle cards I drew for this conversation: childhood and self-care 

  • The Prison Arcana Tarot zine with Krazybwoy: how it came about, what it means to her, and what she’s learned

  • The relationship between prison abolition and magic

  • Manifesting justice and collective healing 

  • How non-incarcerated people can support incarcerated people and prison abolition (tons of resources for you, linked below!) 

  • The false binary of perpetrator/victim, and more

The resources mentioned in this episode:

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