Ep. #102: Aries Energy, Shifting Her Relationship with the Tarot, and Connecting More Deeply to the Present Moment with Rachel Howe of Small Spells

Rachel Howe Small Spells, Living Open podcast with Eryn Johnson

“It really started with learning Reiki…that was my entry point into having a personal connection to healing practices and not just kind of thinking about metaphysical stuff in an intellectual way…but actually being involved in it and engaged with it.”

Rachel Howe is the creator of small spells, a multi-dimensional brand joining healing and the arts. She provides inspiration and healing through private tarot readings and reiki sessions, as well as regular astrology posts and channeled messages on her Instagram feed, @smallspells.  She created the small spells tarot deck, does stick n pokes, and also teaches workshops on accessing your intuition!

“Because the deck is about human experience it just kept triggering all these experiences in me that I then had to process and incorporate. I was living the tarot journey as I was learning and going deeper into it.”

She joined me on the Living Open podcast this week and it was such an honor to have her! In this episode, we talked about:

  • Her journey (started with learning Reiki!)

  • The energetic foundation of her work

  • What small spells means and how it started

  • Her personal practice

  • The connection between creativity and spiritual practice

  • How creating her tarot deck shifted her relationship with the tarot

  • Integrating and processing

  • Connecting your own authority to what you learn

  • Empowering Virgo placements

  • Connecting to your intuition and channeling

  • The connection between self-doubt and intuition

  • The transition from Pisces to Aries

  • Aries energy (coming from her Aries sun and my Aries moon!)

  • Uranus shifting from Aries into Taurus

  • Coming more deeply into the present moment

  • Working with your thoughts as tools and not letting them control you

“The breath is probably the most important spiritual tool we have.”

“It’s not me, it’s something that’s coming through me and my only job is to transmit it or to be the translator. Whether something is right or wrong or good or bad or valid or not valid or real or not real, that’s not up to me. As long as I’m feeling the connection, I trust whatever’s coming through.”

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