Ep. #96: Sacred Space Holder Naomi Love on Coming into Presence with the Earth and Womb Wisdom

Naomi Love

“To be a space holder, we have to have gone through our own journey. The more we can alchemize our experiences…the deeper capacity we have to then hold space with others.”

Naomi Love is a long-time practitioner of the healing arts and sacred remembering for the planet, and women in particular. She has over 25 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, a bodyworker, an herbalist, a breath worker, a womb healer, a doer of many many things. 

“We can only hold space for the capacity that we can go inside of ourselves.”

I also start this episode by talking about some personal tenets & guidelines I use in facilitating healing and holding space.

“Nature is for me my greatest teacher.”

In the interview, Naomi and I talk about:

  • Holding space for healing

  • Shame and repressing things into the self

  • Giving our authority away to other people

  • Ego vs. intuition

  • Giving yourself what you need

  • Coming into presence with the earth

  • Listening to nature and nature as a teacher

  • What to do when you’re feeling disconnected from nature (especially in winter)

  • The womb space & connection to your power

  • The womb connection to the matriarchal line, and more!

She also leads us in a beautiful meditation to reconnect with nature.

“The womb is like the inner oracle.”

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