Ep. #75: Astrologer, Mystical Herbalist, Intuitive Guide, and Creator of Mystical Mandrake Root Anais on Empowering Astrology

Mystical Mandrake Root Anais

Anais is an Astrologer, Mystical Herbalist, Teacher, and Intuitive Guide. She is the founder and creator of Mystical Mandrake Root. Anais lives and works out of New York City with frequent stays in New Orleans. She offers many services for healing, support, self-empowerment, and personal growth.

“You can have dreams and reality coexist with each other. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.” 

I came across Anais through Lindsay Mack’s podcast, and she is a truly magical human. You can literally feel all her mystical water energy in this conversation, and I am so here for it.

“I think Lilith can teach us a lot about our shadow side.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey and how it’s reflected in her chart

  • How to work with your Chiron placement and why it’s so important

  • The importance of Lilith in your chart and what she has to teach you

  • What Anais is working through right now, including some of her eclipse realizations

  • Boundaries, protection, & what the Queen of Swords has to do with them

  • How her relationship with boundaries has fluctuated and evolved

  • Her relationship with the 7 of cups, Pisces energy, and Neptune

  • The Hierophant and the Emperor cards

  • Her work with past lives and some things she’s learned from her past lives

  • Where to look in your chart for past life stuff

  • Exploring astrological polarities

  • Using astrology to empower yourself 

“The two sides of the polarity teach each other. They’re not just opposites to be opposites..because one’s lacking something the other one has…they’re meant to work together.” 

“It can be such a place of power when you have healing and attention and accountability and ownership of your Chiron placement.”

This episode is packed with Anais’ amazing stories, insights, and wisdom. Follow her on Instagram here (@mysticalmandrakeroot) to book readings and sessions, and she regularly posts amazing astro info!

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