Ep. #132: Making Money Within Capitalism & Healing Your Finances with Money Witch Jessie Susannah

Jessie Susannah Money Witch

“I think people who have the capacity and privilege to make money should make as much money as they can and then redistribute that money in their communities…if you have the capacity to make money you’re not doing anyone any favors by not making money.” 

Jessie Susannah Karnatz, aka the Money Witch, brings capitalism-critical, shame-free education to healers, hustlers, and creatives in order to catalyze change in their financial lives. She offers Intuitive Financial Coaching, workshops, money magic, and tax preparation online and in the Bay Area and does it all with #businessladyswag.

In this episode, she joins your host Eryn to talk making money within capitalism and healing your finances! We talk about:

  • Her journey with money

  • Blocks she often sees folks have around money

  • Shame around money

  • Feeling tied to your family of origin experience around money

  • Redefining your financial experience

  • Resisting financial success because we want to resist capitalism

  • Managing money as self-care

  • Guilt around making money for healing work

  • Accessibility and sliding scale

  • What being a witch and magical creature and priestess means to her

  • Taking responsibility for your energetic influence on the things around you

  • Small spells with money

  • Allowing resources to flow in accordance with our priorities and values

“You struggling is actually not helpful to anyone. All that you struggling does is mean that you are more preoccupied with your own financial survival and stress and less capable of doing important healing work in the world.”