Ep. #80: Creativity and How to Not Always Be Working with Marlee Grace aka Marbles!

Marlee Grace how to not always be working

“My life is really built around helping and cheering for other artists making art. But I also really value my own art practice as well.”

Writer, improviser and artist Marlee Grace joins Living Open to talk about unblocking creativity and how to not always be working. I came across Marlee’s work when I picked up her zine, how a photo and video-sharing social networking service gave me my best friends, true love, a beautiful career, and made me want to die, from Otherwild when I was in LA earlier this year and loved it.

“I think I create interesting work that is certainly from my life experience but I also very much consider myself a channel for the great spirit to make work through me.”

Officially, she is an improviser and writer living in rural CA who works with improvisation as a method for navigating being alive and making work through movement, quilting, writing, and podcasting. She facilitates classes and events for her own work and for others. She loves to help other artists/humans unlock what is blocking them creatively through one-on-one creative mapping sessions.

“The really intense dedication to practicing my art form every day without question, that is what saved my life.”

But also, she’s a really funny and down to earth human and this episode has so many gems. We talk about:

  • How to know when it’s time to let something die and evolve into something new

  • How her relationship with social media is evolving and changing

  • Not taking yourself too seriously

  • How she grounds!

  • The role dance and movement play in her life 

  • Making art even in these horrifying times

  • How she works with her creativity & how to unblock your creativity

  • Knowing when it’s time to pivot

  • Giving ideas room to breathe

  • How to not always be working 

  • Social media + imposter syndrome 

  • Reflections on softening and opening your heart

“I think that that’s part of shifting is being okay having no idea whats on the other side but knowing that you have to let go of whats happening in the moment.”

“Turn your phone off, go outside, and don’t tell your friends you did it.”

Marlee grace artist

Connect with Marlee on her website and Instagram. Pre-order her book, How to Not Always Be Working.

Books and people Marlee mentions in this episode:

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