Ep. #94: The 5s in the Tarot + Storytelling within Consciousness and Divine Feminine Archetypes and Goddesses with Storyteller and Breathwork Facilitator Lucy North

Lucy North

“It’s all very complicated and confusing and isn’t that delicious? Things don’t need to make sense!”

Today Lucy North joins me on the Living Open podcast! Lucy is a storyteller and breathwork facilitator (who also studied with my teacher, David Elliott), who does a lot of work with the archetypal stories in Women Who Run with the Wolves and with goddess energy.

“Sometimes the things that we don’t want to happen in our lives end up being the things that are our initiation into a deeper understanding of our own power.” 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey to this work

  • Stories she works with during the winter months or the crone season as she calls it

  • The many facets of divine feminine

  • Baba Yaga

  • Learning to mother yourself

  • Getting to how you authentically feel with breathwork

  • Dark goddesses to work with this time of the year (including unpacking the term “dark” and its connection to the Earth

  • Imbolc

  • Freya and Freya’s day aka Valentine’s Day

  • Connecting with your erotic power

  • A poem she wrote about the goddess number 13

  • Shame

  • Wildness, and more

“What if we knew we were good beyond good and bad and there was no way we weren’t lovable? What would we want then?”

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