Ep. #129: Healing Inherited Trauma and Lifting the Spell Over Your Life with Inherited Trauma Coach and Guide Lisa Nagel

Lisa Nagel Living Open Podcast Wild Sensitive Souls

“Inherited trauma is a core violation, a core wound, a trauma that happened to one or a lot of our ancestors and was passed down for X amount of generations and that we are now experiencing as loops, unhealthy cycles, patterns we can’t get out of.”

Lisa Nagel is a coach and guide specializing in inherited trauma resolution and ancestral healing for womxn who want to be free. Who want to feel wildly alive in their self-expression, their relationships, and their careers.

“In this lifetime when we are feeling…disconnected or disassociated from pleasure it can be because none of our ancestors ever got to do it. How would we know how to do it if we have 700, 800 years of trauma around pleasure flowing in our bones and in our genes?”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being present with grief around inherited trauma

  • What inherited trauma is and how to start healing it

  • Core wounds

  • Inherited trauma from patriarchy

  • Working with anger in our family lines

  • Accessing compassion for our ancestors

  • Healing inherited trauma around pleasure

  • Forgiveness work

  • Working through lineages of oppressor and oppressed in our ancestry

  • Core fear sentences, and more

“Our ancestors never had time to play. How would we know how to play?”