Ep. #98: Birth Tarot Cards + Intuitive Soul Tarot Reader and Founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul Lindsay Mack on Wildness in the Tarot & the Fear that Comes with the Upgrade

Wild Soul Healing Lindsay Mack

Lindsay fucking Mack, people. She's here on Living Open today, and you don't want to miss it.

“The reason that upgrading is so hard is because when we talk about concepts like evolution or upgrading or expansion, what we’re basically talking about is intentionally choosing to work with the soul part of ourselves. And the soul is not some love and light thing. The soul is a raw business. It’s really messy. It’s really intense.” 

Lindsay is a Soul Tarot reader and founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul— and host of the amazing Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast which recently turned one year old! She has such a beautiful, unique approach to the tarot, Soul Tarot, which is a way of interpreting and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as a tool for our soul's growth and evolution. Soul Tarot is a fusion of channeled wisdom from her guides, her 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, her work with her mentor, and her own healing journey. 

“[Wild] is what you are. It’s often quite messy, quite ugly. Not really all that palatable. When you think about wild you’re not thinking about a perfect rose. You’re thinking about a wild herb growing off the side of the road.”

Wild Soul Healing Tarot Reader Lindsay Mack

She also has an amazing course currently open for registration, Tarot for the Wild Soul. I’m an affiliate for the course this year, so use my code ERYN to receive a free Aries season tarot reading from me & a Tarot for the Wild Soul folks only Aries season zine. Registration closes March 19th, and you can get all the details here. Send me an email at erynjohnsonfreelance@gmail.com if you use my code so I can get your bonuses to you!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey of coming home to the tarot

  • The concept of the upgrade & blossoming in the void

  • Tarot as an invitation for your soul

  • Wildness in the tarot and what wildness means to her

  • Healing through nature

  • Tarot as a tool for trauma

  • Cultural appropriation and decolonizing her healing practice

  • A medicine story around the wheel of fortune

  • What can happen when you really give over to the wheel turning, and more! 

“Wildness to me is synonymous with the concept of the spiral. It just means that we understand that there's no right wrong. There’s no good bad. There’s no obligation of fair or unfair and that everything we believe separates us from a tree is really invisible and doesn’t really exist. It’s the same.”

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