Ep. #82: Standing at the Center of the Circle and Finding Your Liberation with Reiki, Voice, and Breath Practitioner Liana Naima

Photo by Micole Guevara

Photo by Micole Guevara

“I am beyond words and I allow myself to create from a space of ease and exist in a space of ease.”

This week Reiki, breath, and sound practitioner Liana Naima joins Living Open to talk standing at the center of the circle and finding your liberation. Liana works with Reiki, breath, sound, and sacred cacao all for stillness, transcendence, and liberation. 

“I am not special in experiencing this. I think that’s the most beautiful aspect of this work. Everyone has this gift..they’re able to tune in to the unseen realm in different ways.”

On her website, she has these beautiful words about her name: “Liana is a rainforest vine that is rooted in the Earth and uses trees to climb to the light.  I act as a vine for divine energy to work through me to align you with a higher vibrational state.”

I found her work through Alexandra Roxo (interview with her is here) and have been so blown away by the power of her energy and her words. You’re going to love this episode!

“[Cacao] is the best medicine that I’ve worked with for unlocking the teachings of the heart and allowing your awareness to rest in your heart space when you’re turning inward.” 

We talk about:

  • Her mystical background and how she came to this work

  • How she is developing confidence as a healer

  • Bringing your intuitive gifts to light

  • Creating a safe container for people to do their own healing work

  • Her work with sacred cacao and why she loves it so much

  • What it means to embody the Strength card in the tarot

  • Lessons she is learning from her Saturn return (which she’s in right now)

  • Remembering your power

  • Her astrology and how she relates to it

  • Shifting and shedding identity

  • Detaching from outcomes and releasing hierarchy in healing work, and more.

“Healing from my own discomfort around white supremacy was one of the first reasons I came to spirituality. Not only self healing but making sure that I made space to have an open heart for all beings yet still recognizing the oppression that my own background and people from my background are going through.” 

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Check out Liana's website and follow her on Instagram. The ceremonial grade, ethically sourced cacao she uses is Heartblood cacao. This is the interview with Black Girl in Om that I reference in our conversation.

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