Ep. #97: Uncovering the Self, Forgiveness, and Deepening Your Relationship with Yourself with Lauren Maxwell

Lauren uncovering the self in chaotic times

“I think were all given these opportunities to listen to what our higher self is trying to tell us and if we listen we can go down this domino path of uncovering so much and uncovering so many gifts.” 

Lauren is a writer and creative human who offers yoga, ritual, and intuitive coaching meant to help others find spaciousness in the everyday. Her zine, how to uncover SELF in chaotic times, suggests a softer paradigm for success and four everyday containers in which we all might nurture the truth of self. In yoga, Lauren specializes in backcare and scoliosis. She loves helping others find pain relief and create soft open space to step into a more loving relationship with themselves. 

“You think that two things are not related but then you find out…it’s all connected. It’s all the same.”

Lauren joined me on the Living Open podcast to talk uncovering the self, forgiveness, deepening your relationship with yourself, and more. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her transformations and journey with back pain 

  • Ace of cups + loving the self

  • Loving yourself in process of uncovering your self 

  • Shadow work + the chakras 

  • Inner child healing

  • Grief and release

  • The role of forgiveness in grief

  • Containers for uncovering the self

  • What her creative practice is like and its relationship with pleasure

  • Embodiment work + shame around our bodies

  • Trusting your body 

  • Unlearning the right/wrong binary 

  • Changing the way you talk to yourself

  • Strength card 

  • Rose symbolism

“What happens if I look beyond the noise a little bit?”

“There is no right and wrong. The body knows what to do, just go with it.”

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