Ep. #81: Ancestral Healing and Following Your Own Story with Medicine Woman and Energy Worker Koa Mikaelah

koa mikaelah helios and solene

“Me being put in a position as a child where I’m the first one born on these lands and there’s this sort of pull between wanting to fit in and fit the mold of what it is to be an American while also still honoring the culture that I come from which is so beautiful and inherently such a big part of my life.”

Koa Mikaelah is a formerly Brooklyn based now Philly based trained and certified energy worker + medicine woman. Born into a lineage of curanderas from South America and a raised Spiritist, the healing arts community has been a home for Mikaelah since the day she was born. She combines her South American and Caribbean roots with her studies of healing modalities from around the world to curate ceremonies around the US. 

This was such a beautiful conversation. Koa has such a rich relationship with this work and she continues to follow her own healing path and help others on their healing path as well. I’m so excited to share it with you!

“There is no one way. There is no one medicine. There is no one teacher for everyone…everyone is their own healer and it’s just a matter of opening up the channel.”

In this episode, we talk about [TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault and birth trauma]:

Koa Mikaelah Helios and Solene
  • Her work around healing ancestral trauma

  • Honoring roots and traditions that her grandmothers passed down

  • Her astrology

  • What she’s working with now/her next evolution of healing

  • The nonlinear process of healing

  • Advice for opening up your channel and connecting with intuition

  • The divine feminine and what it means to her

  • Becoming your own healer

  • Her work with plant medicine, and more.

“She’s primal. She’s gonna lead you on that amazing adventure and she’s also gonna nurture you and hold you in your times of need and that’s just the nature of her energy.” -Koa on the divine feminine

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