Ep. #89: Love and Lightwashing with Tarot Reader, Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Worker, and Creator of Ostara Apothecary Jordan Pagán

Jordan Pagan Ostara Apothecary

“Colonization and white privilege, white supremacy has infiltrated all areas of life. Why wouldn’t it also infiltrate the healing and wellness world? Of course it has.”

Jordan Catherine Pagán is the healer and medicine maker of Ostara Apothecary, based in Brooklyn, NY. Jordan creates plant and stone medicine to heal on multidimensional levels, drawing upon her Yaqui and Puerto Rican heritage and connection with the natural world.

She is a Reiki Master, a 13th Octave LaHoChi Master, and also practices Pranayama Breathwork and Tarot as tools for soul transformation. A follower of the flowers, she finds a way to incorporate them into every one of her sessions, using fresh flowers and her own handcrafted flower essences. 

Jordan leads monthly Breathwork healing circles and herbal medicine classes around NYC, and maintains a private practice.

In this episode, she joins host Eryn Johnson to talk all things cultural appropriation or as she calls it, “love and lightwashing.”

Jordan Pagan Ostara Apothecary Living Open

“Yes, healing does feel good and exciting and there is a lot of light in the work but on the flip side we also have to be dealing with the shadow sides of ourselves and of humanity because that’s what we’re here to clear.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey to this work through healing personal trauma  

  • How to choose healers and teachers to work with 

  • Why “we’re all one” is true but not deep enough

  • Resistance to looking at shadow side in the healing community

  • Shining a light on our own complicity even when it feels hard & decolonizing your healing practices, and the shame that can go along with that

  • What 13th Octave LaHoChi is

  • Her relationship with the tarot 

  • A card that is showing up as a teacher for her

  • Butterfly symbolism in the tarot

  • Deprogramming the need to be strong and tough to survive in the world, and more

“Culture was stripped away for them and then they were punished for practicing that culture. Several decades after, that culture is suddenly trendy and it’s being sold out of Sephora and Urban Outfitters and people are benefitting from it. And the people who are benefitting are white people who are the people who punished and killed people of color for these very same practices.”

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