Ep. #78: Soul-Centered Astrologer Jeff Hinshaw on Utilizing Cosmic Energy to Expand the Self

Jeff Hinshaw Cosmic Cousins

“Astrology is a practice of allowing us to get into more of the rhythms of the way that nature’s actually moving around us.”

Jeff Hinshaw is an incredible soul-centered astrologer, host of the Cosmic Cousins podcast, and creator of the Brooklyn Fools tarot journey. He is an Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, and Aquarius rising— an innovative little boy hard at work at his desk bringing people together in a circle. I first came across his work through Lindsay Mack’s Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast. I started listening to Cosmic Cousins and fell in love.

“Astrology is a tool for unlocking our potential to be channels for innovative solutions in our lives and the lives of those around us…we can utilize the planets and this cosmic energy to expand ourselves.”

Jeff has a really beautiful and deep approach to astrology and as he says, it’s his mission to upgrade the vocabulary of astrology so that it’s easily accessible and down-to-earth. You can really feel his loving devotion to this craft in his work and in this episode. He says this on his site and it really resonated with me:

“All too often, I have found that in my own astrology practice, if I don't take the time to assimilate its deeply layered information, then it can send me into spirals of anxiety, over thinking, or leaving my body all together. Because of this, I have created new ways to bring the practice of astrology into LIVING EMBODIMENT. It's my hopes to share with you how to use astrology as a tool for, yes, awakening the upper chakras, but more so, to draw the energy down, so that we are taking full advantage of our COSMIC INHERITANCE, and mission here on Earth, to...leave our home more beautiful than when we arrived.”

So gorgeous. In this episode, we talk about:

Jeff Hinshaw Cosmic Cousins Brooklyn Fools
  • What Jeff has been learning recently

  • What soul-centered astrology is and the best way to learn it

  • Bringing astrology into the body

  • Why the Hanged Man is so special for him

  • The Hierophant’s relationship with shame

  • Soul-centered Libra and what he’s feeling into this Libra season

  • How signs evolve by exploring their polar signs and square signs

  • Venus retrograde and what it means for this Libra season

  • Mutable, cardinal, and fixed energies

  • Key points to look at in your chart including what’s below you, above you, rising, and descending

  • Soul planets

  • Upgrading the vocabulary of astrology

  • We take a look at the Living Open podcast birth chart, my birth chart, and the Cosmic Cousins podcast birth chart!

  • Cusp energy

  • Working with 3 tarot cards for each sun sign, and more!

“Libra season is…the tipping point, the gatekeeper of the dark half of the year. It’s taking us into the yin side, the passive, the receptive. It’s soft. Libras can be soft and are connecting us to the energy of the goddess. It’s Venus. But it’s air element, so it’s through words, it’s through relationships, it’s through connecting.”

As you can see, this episode is packed with Jeff’s insights and wisdom so ENJOY! Links to listen and to connect with him and I are below.

Connect with Jeff on his Instagram and the Cosmic Cousins podcast & Patreon. Check out his website to explore his offerings including birth chart readings and an astrology immersion. Check out the Brooklyn Fools tarot journey here.

“It’s so important for libra and for anyone during libra season to come back to their truth.”

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