Ep. #124: Human Design as a Tool for Energy Mastery with Willow Rising

Willow Rising Human Design

“We’re all vibrational beings and we’re all connected to all that is intrinsically.” 

Willow Rising is an energy worker & human design genius, and she joined me in this week’s podcast episode to go deep into human design as a tool for energy mastery.

“Human design is a whole new world and a way of understanding…how energy works.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey from growing up in a Baptist family to stepping away from a church community and eventually re-opening to a spiritual path

  • Healing from the abuse she experienced in her family & becoming estranged from her family

  • Not being who are we are in order to be liked/to receive love

  • Healing people-pleasing as a protection mechanism

  • What human design is, how she uses it, and her approach to human design as a tool for energy mastery

  • How to intuit your birth time if you don’t know it

  • Your home frequency and its relationship with your aura

  • What human design can teach you about yourself

  • How we can give our power away so easily to tools like human design & astrology— and how to not do that! + more

“In my practice I’m really helping people come back to themselves through human design.”

“What does it feel like to give your gifts without needing people to like you in exchange?”

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