Ep. #83: 12 Ways to Release Negative Energy From Your Body

Someone emailed me recently asking about releasing negative energy from their body and it got me thinking about how important that work is and how it literally can make us sick if we don’t release. I’ve definitely shared this before but I end up feeling completely hungover when I’m not regularly releasing & clearing negative energy (plus grounding!). And it’s not just negative energy but also just energy that isn’t mine, which I tend to absorb as a person facilitating healing work.

In this episode, I share 12 ways to release negative energy from your body. We absorb so much throughout our days, and we have to find outlets to release so this energy doesn't keep building up. 

1. Breathwork. This has been the biggest thing for me in releasing negative energy and blocks. The point of this breath is to stir up stuck and stagnant energy, trauma, emotion, fear, etc. living in the body and release it. So it can be intense, but it’s so important for my practice of releasing not just negative energy but whatever is stuck inside me AND energy that isn’t mine that I’ve absorbed.

If you want to learn the breathwork I practice, you can check out episode 72 of the Living Open podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Stitcher to listen to the Queen of Swords breathwork meditation. I also have a Queens of the Tarot breathwork album for sale here.

2. Scream. Lay on the floor or your bed, inhale into your belly, and as you exhale let out a SCREAM. Repeat as many times as you need (seriously, this feels so good!). Let whatever wants to move through you move with your voice.

3. Laugh. Same thing with laughter. You might feel stupid at first, but lay down, inhale into your belly, and laugh with your exhale. Keep doing it until the laughter is real! A really powerful and fun release.

4. Connect with the element of water. Water is cleansing and purifying. Options:

  • Take a bath (add salt if you’d like)

  • Shower mindfully and visualize the negative energy washing away

  • Go to a body of water if you can, especially one that flows like a river or ocean. Watch and meditate or get in the water!

Let the water wash away everything you’re holding, cleansing you and peeling back those accumulated layers.

5. Peeing and pooping. This is practical magic people! When you’re using the bathroom, visualize the negative energy and anything that isn’t serving you literally leaving your body. Let the physical release be energetic, too. We all do it so make it work for you!

6. Work with black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is a super absorber and it’s really grounding and protecting. A nice visualization to do is to hold your black tourmaline and visualize all the negative energy in your body being magnetized down your arm and sucked into the stone, leaving your body and going into the crystal. Stay with the visualization until you feel complete. Then just cleanse the stone after!

7. Meditate. Use a meditation to clear your energy and release anyone else’s. Visualize your glowing gold center in your belly, saying out loud or to yourself “I clear any energy that isn’t mine from my body. I call back my energy from any people, places, thoughts, ideas holding it. I release any negative energy and return it to from where it came.”

8. Reiki. Reiki is really beautiful release for me. I twitch when I’m receiving Reiki from someone else and releasing a lot! You can book an intuitive reiki healing session with me and check out my upcoming group reiki circles, which are really accessible!

9. Twists. Twists are super energetically clearing, so do a twist heavy yoga flow or just lay in bed in a supine twist to each side. Search “Twisting detox yoga” on YouTube and you’ll end up with a lot of free class options!

10. Banishing spell. Write what you’re releasing— negative energy, energy that isn’t in alignment, etc. or something more specific — on a piece of paper. Tuck it under a black candle, light the candle, and visualize all of that energy leaving your body and flowing into the candle, where it gets transmuted and transformed into love. The waning moon and dark moon times are ideal for banishing spells like this but you can also do them whenever! 

11. Smoke cleansing. There are lots of options for smoke cleansing — try using cedar or rosemary, or another herb that resonates with you. I also like mugwort. Set the intention to cleanse negative energy, and let the smoke carry it away.

12. Work with salt. Rest your hands in salt and let the salt draw out the negative energy. Visualize it leaving your body, just like the black tourmaline.

Hope these tips helped! Loving you all! You can listen to this episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Stitcher.

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