Ep. #70: The Firebrand Witch on Tarot as a Mirror, the Power of Stories, How the Planets in Your Birth Chart Talk to Each Other, and Planting Seeds with Eclipses

Astrologer Tarot Reader Molly The Firebrand Witch

Astrologer & tarot reader The Firebrand Witch is an incredible astrologer & tarot reader that I connected with through Instagram. This week, they joined me on the Living Open podcast for a deep conversation on tarot as a mirror, the power of stories, how the planets in your birth chart talk to each other, & planting seeds with eclipses.

“What are we? We’re witches on the internet. We’re all cyborg witches really. So yeah that’s kind of what pre-apocalyptic cyborg witchcraft is to me. Doing that really deep intensive healing work on the individual and the collective, using the internet and using what we have and taking this tool that sort of is used by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley…to make a lot of money and control things…to actually do justice work and healing work is revolutionary to me in its own way.” 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Their journey

  • Pre-apocalyptic cyborg witchcraft

  • Making their practices intersectional

  • Ancestral healing

  • Narrative alchemy

  • Tarot as a tool for trauma and mental health

  • The power of stories

  • Aspects in astrology (how the planets talk to each other)

  • Mars retrograde

  • The power of eclipses

  • Astrology book recommendations for deeper learning, and more

“We can look at the fool’s journey as a healing journey and we can look at is as the movement through trauma.” 

Books they recommend in this episode:

Find The Firebrand Witch on Instagram here and check out their Narrative Alchemy course here. You can listen to this episode on iTunes, above on SoundCloud, on Spotify, or on Stitcher.

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