Connecting to Our Inner Wildness Through Breathwork and Curiosity with Eryn Johnson

Eryn Johnson on the Feed Your Wild podcast

Plot twist, today I’m on someone else’s podcast! I joined Venessa Rodriguez’s Feed Your Wild podcast to talk about connecting to our inner wildness through breathwork and curiosity.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How yoga taught me about something greater than herself and reignited my spiritual connection, which led me to starting my podcast

  • How I see curiosity as intuition, and how following my curiosity brought me to various teachers and spiritual practices that led me down a soul path

  • How judgement has been a big part of my journey and healing

  • How breathwork has cracked me open, allowing for the intelligence of the emotional and physical body to let go and heal

  • How we can use breathwork to energize us in the morning (in lieu of our morning coffee ;)

  • How the expression of anger has shifted for me and allowed a connection to my inner wild self

  • Nature as a mirror and reflection of the emotions we carry, from the storms and tsunamis to the calm breezes and waves

  • How I work with TRUST and build my trust muscle in my life

  • My work with the throat chakra and the fear of being seen

  • The power of being witnessed during an emotional release, a fuck up, or any other highly vulnerable situations

  • How I use tarot and reiki to help me see the unseen and to open portals into the places that need to be healed within us and bring our awareness to it

  • The World card and the 10 of cups

  • How I feed my wild through ecstatic dance and community connection

These show notes come from Venessa’s website.

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