Ep. #107: Coming Home to Your Sexual Self with Sexuality Doula Ev’Yan Whitney

Photo by    Celest Noche

Photo by Celest Noche

“[Our] idea of sexiness, of being a sexual person is being influenced by outside sources, by outside gazes.”

Ev'Yan Whitney is a sexuality doula, sex educator, and witch with a curiosity in Afro-indigenous spiritual practice and ancestral worship. She facilitates, empowers, and holds space for womxn and femmes as they step out of shame and fear and come into the full expression of sexual liberation—whatever that looks like for them. She is an advocate for sexual freedom and wellness, and she guides folks into their own sexual awakening and recovery of their lost connection with their bodies, desires, and the pleasure that is our birthright.

“Everyone’s sexual liberation journey is so different.” 

In this episode, we talk all things sexual liberation & I get really vulnerable about what I’m in process with around sex and sexuality.

“Discovering my sexual orientation…first started with giving myself permission to have a sexual identity, have a sexual orientation that didn’t look like being a straight person.”

We talk about:

  • Ev’Yan’s journey of coming into her own sexual liberation

  • Questions to ask yourself to unpack shame around sex and sexuality

  • Getting curious about shame

  • Unpacking "shoulds" in sexuality

  • Coming home to your sexual self in a way that feels authentic and safe

  • Her journey with discovering her queer identity

  • What both of us are in process with around sexual liberation

  • Consent as ongoing conversation

  • Her spiritual practice, particularly her work with her ancestors, and more.