Ep. #67: Breathwork Healer Erin Telford on Opening Her Heart with Breathwork, Being a Channel for Healing, Holding Space, and Offering the Healing Back to the Person

David Elliott Breathwork Healer Erin Telford

“Our body doesn’t lie. It tells the truth and it knows. And it’s neutral.” 

I really, really enjoyed this conversation with Erin Telford. We really connected and I could feel her heart the whole time-- appropriate since we talk about opening your heart with breathwork. Let me just say Erin is the real deal! 

“Once the why is answered, you still have to move the suffering out of the body….you can’t heal pain with your head.”

She is a Breathwork facilitator and healer, acupuncturist, Reiki Master, herbalist and a teacher of David Elliott's Level One Breathwork Healer Training. Her work guides people to look within, open their hearts and heal their relationship with themselves, and become their own healers. A lot of what she does focuses on releasing the core wounds and limiting beliefs that subconsciously run our lives, which I really just could not love more. 

“It feels important to me to offer the healing back to the individual. That I am the space holder and the channel but really the person who’s doing the work is the one who’s doing the breathing.” 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey of finding breathwork and stepping into it fully, leaving behind her acupuncture and reiki practices 
  • How breathwork helped her heal (plus what it is & how to do the style she practices)

  • Finding yourself with the breath as a self-healing practice

  • Space-holding as a healer (I loved this part of our conversation & I think it's so important)

  • Releasing stigma and shame around "positive" and "negative" emotions

  • Why she loves working with rage 

  • Her shadow work journey

  • Breathwork as a tool for releasing rage, sadness, and shame

  • Healing beliefs around self-worth

  • Erin as the Queen of Pentacles!

  • Her connection with nature and its importance 

I also talk about my relationship with breathwork and the style of breathwork that Erin practices and teaches!

If you do breathwork or are interested in breathwork, and if you offer any type of healing work for other people, this episode is a must-listen.

“I want people to understand their bodies and understand their psyches and know that they are the authority on themselves. I don’t want to be magical. I can offer a magical experience but it’s only magical because you’ve surrendered control and you’re listening to your heart and your spirit.”

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