Ep. #91: Deprogramming Fear and Blocks for Psychospiritual Practitioners with Tarot Reader and Writer Elise Entzenberger of La Mystica Tarot

Photo by Matt Dayton

Photo by Matt Dayton

“To me this is success…this is what works for me. This is what I love. This is what’s good for me. Fuck what everybody else says I need to have or do.”

Elise Entzenberger of La Mystica Tarot is a writer, artist, and tarot reader who helps psychospiritual practitioners (aka tarot readers, energy workers, etc.) deprogram their fear and blocks to step into their power and voice.

“You cannot will this into healing…it just happens to you if you are open to it. Surrendering to that openness.” 

Elise is a magical human and tarot reader who I discovered when my friend Kathleen (who I also interviewed on this show a year ago!) shared on Instagram that she was doing Elise’s Amphora course all around holding space as a psychospiritual practitioner. Obviously, I signed up as well and the class was incredible. Elise and I had a call after the course where I just felt really seen by her and really connected.

“There’s the part where you’re actually doing the thing and then theres about twice as much time afterward that you need to integrate what you’ve learned, to integrate that wisdom…into your day to day life.”

So of course, I asked her on the show. Elise uses a combination of her training in Western vitalist herbalism, Integrative Yoga Therapy, humanistic psychotherapy plus my experience building her business to help psychospiritual practitioners reclaim their power and discover their purpose.

Photo by Matt Dayton

Photo by Matt Dayton

“Okay, this is a collective thing that we’re dealing with. This is an intergenerational thing. This voice is from generations and cycles of trauma and oppression and really having a lot of compassion and care for ourselves because all the work we’re doing to break our own bad habits are actually breaking patterns that have been going on for many lifetimes before us.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her long journey with mental health and relationships 

  • Psychedelics and healing trauma

  • The importance of integration

  • Healing your relationship with money & performative poverty  

  • Redefining success and abundance as a psychospiritual practitioner 

  • What’s been coming up in her work with psychospiritual practitioners— threads we all share in terms of  struggles and blocks

  • Core wounds as initiation, as gateways

  • Breaking family cycles of wounds and trauma 

  • The Empress, and more

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