Ep. #116: Healing with Reiki & Shadow Work with Reiki Medicine Goddess Camille Langston

Camille Reiki Medicine Goddess

“Shadow teaches you things light could never teach you…when you look up at the night sky, it’s mostly shadow. How can you say that shadow doesn’t exist or if we’re really these mirrors of the larger universe, you think you don’t have shadow? There’s dark matter and it’s the most abundant matter in the universe…the only way you create light or a star is from immense pressure.”

In this week’s episode, host Eryn Johnson interviews LA-based Reiki Master Teacher Camille Langston, who you may know as Reiki Medicine Goddess on Instagram. Camille is a Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive channel, crystal healer, and tarot & oracle reader.

“I really think that [Reiki] is spreading so quickly because a lot of people need it. And it works and it’s effective.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her journey with Reiki and tarot

  • Reiki culture & Reiki today

  • Reiki’s evolution as it has become more westernized and spread

  • Emotional healing with Reiki

  • What you learn in the different levels of Reiki

  • Her advice for folks who want to be Reiki practitioners

  • The history of Reiki

  • When you're ready to charge as a Reiki practitioner

  • Shadow work

  • Her journey with Ancestral work & advice for getting started, and more

“Your shadow can give you a gift that the light never could.”