Ep. #99: How to Connect with Your Intuition and Trust Yourself with Intuitive and Spiritual Guide Betsy LeFae

Betsy LeFae Living Open podcast how to connect with your intuition

“When you stop taking on other people’s energy it gives you the clarity to even understand what is programming and what is not.”

Betsy is a soul midwife, transformational coach, teacher, intuitive and spiritual guide. In this episode, we talk all about how to connect with your intuition and trust yourself!

“Thinking and feeling are different…our culture uses them interchangeably. Thinking and feeling are vastly different processes. They happen from different parts of the self and they mean…different things.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Stories we tell ourselves

  • Navigating being sensitive in the world

  • Her journey of being sick before she was even born and being emotionally ignored as a kid

  • Growing as empaths out of bad relationships

  • The difference between ego and intuition

  • The different voices in our heads and how to differentiate between them

  • Family as the final frontier 

  • Not comparing how we receive intuition

  • Guidelines for intuition and ego in the body

  • Empath burnout, and

  • She leads us through her Stop Drop n Roll exercise to connect with intuition 

“Intuition lives in the body.”

“With ego and intuition, there is no magic pill.”

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