Ep. #93: A Hanged Man Year, Shadow Work in Astrology, and Evolutionary Astrology as a Tool to Help Your Soul Evolve with Astrologer and Tarot Reader Kathleen Callahan

Philadelphia astrologer Kathleen Callahan

“I feel like 2019 is a huge initiation year for all of us collectively.”

Today, I’m so excited to welcome my amazing friend Kathleen Callahan back to the Living Open podcast— my first ever repeat guest! Kathleen is a Philly-based astrologer, tarot reader, IET practitioner, and a powerful witch.

“The natal chart holds many clues around shadow work that your soul has decided to come into contract with to learn through. you’re a vessel to break through those blocks and help the soul evolve.”

My original interview with her was over a year ago now and so much has changed since then, so I wanted to have her back on to share more of her journey and her knowledge particularly in astrology, as that’s something she’s stepped further into and she’s really amazing at it.

“I’ve worked so hard most of my life to gather those 8 cups, to form an identity and attachment around the fact that I was a designer…and I left that behind a few months ago to do this tarot and astrology work full time. And I didn’t realize it but that’s kind of what I was in the process of grieving, this loss of…identity around who I have been.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Grief, moving through it, its relationship with the 5 of cups and 8 of cups

  • The pre-patriarchal version of Persephone’s story that you might not have heard before 

  • What her 2018 Empress/World year taught her

  • Holding space as a facilitator of healing 

  • Feeling like a fraud 

  • Social media and competition

  • Collective Hanged Man lessons for the Hanged Man year (2019) we’re stepping into

  • What evolutionary astrology is and her work with it

  • Shadow work in your birth chart

  • Working with astrology as an empowering tool 

  • Where you should look in your chart for clues about shadow work and past lives

  • What Pluto means and why it’s so important

  • What it means to have Pluto in Scorpio

“Healing is not a straight line and building an authentic business isn’t either.”

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